Country Music Rocks Top 17 Albums of 2017

As we near the end of 2017, we’ve compile a list of our Top 17 Albums of 2017. Country Artists delivered some epic material throughout the year and gave country fans some amazing material throughout each of their albums. With 2017 being so outstanding, we can’t imagine what is in store for 2018. Check out […]

Marco Club Connection Announces Top Ten Country Dance Club Hits of 2013

“Boys Round Here” and “Aw Naw” topped the list of Country dance favorites in 2013, according to the Marco Club Connection’s 10th annual ranking of Country dance club songs.

Country Music Couples Included On Zimbio’s Hottest Celebrity Couples Of 2012 List, the fifth largest entertainment news site (comScore), is pleased to announce the 4th Annual list of 100 Hottest Celebrity Couples. Going beyond merely the most beautiful people, couples were ranked using an algorithm that measures and calculates popularity, attractiveness, success, and staying power. The data behind each metric is then used to determine their […]