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Country newcomer Kylie Trout has given fans a solid introduction to her music, especially with her hit song “Can’t Be Lonely.” The single went viral literally overnight, garnering over 200K streams on TikTok, and it continues to be a fan favorite.

The young artist, who is currently a high school senior, continues to make a solid impression, and her new single “Extra” serves as another strong release from the artist on the rise.

We virtually caught up with Kylie Trout during the 2021 Country Radio Seminar. The new artist chatted with us about her music and so much more! Check out our exclusive interview with Kylie Trout, and be sure to keep up with her by visiting and following on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

CountryMusicRocks (CMR): Tell us a little about your new collection of music in 2021, what can fans expect?
Kylie Trout:  I plan on releasing an EP by the end of the year hopefully, and fans can expect to learn even more about who I am and the things I’ve gone through.

CMR: Even though 2021 is not completely certain quite yet, what are some of your career goals throughout the year?
Kylie Trout: Throughout the year, I just want to keep writing and getting more music out there, as well as performing at any chance I get.

CMR: In addition to performing, what else did you miss most not being able to be out on the road last year during 2020?
Kylie Trout: I miss not being able to meet people! I am a people person so this past year has been very strange.

CMR: If everything goes as planned, and performing/touring resumes for this year, how would you best describe your shows/set for 2021?
Kylie Trout: Shows for 2021 are going to be hype. We have all been cooped up all year, and when it’s time for shows again, we’re making up for lost times.

CMR: As fans continue to get to know you, what is one thing you would like to convey to fans about you and your music?
Kylie Trout: I would like to convey a sense of self confidence and perseverance through my music. I just was to uplift everyone and convey that through my music since music has helped me get through so much.

CMR: Even though CRS is quite a bit different this year, we are still celebrating country radio which is such a staple to everyone in the country music community. What is one of your all time favorite country songs that you just can’t get enough of country radio?
Kylie Trout: Literally any Carly Pearce song! Absolutely love her.

“In My Own Words” | Fast, Fun Facts with Kylie Trout:

Favorite Food To Indulge On While On The Road: Lays Potato Chips
Go-To Drink of Choice: Sweet Tea
Favorite TV Series: The Ranch
Dream Collaboration: Carrie Underwood
Never Have I Ever: Done a successful Cartwheel
Favorite Career Moment (So Far): Hearing myself on the radio