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Country trio Nashvillains continue to make their introduction to country fans. Comprised of Brett Boyett, Scott Lindsey and Troy Johnson, the band infuses rock with country which results in a well-balanced collection of music.

This year during the virtual 2021 Country Radio Seminar (CRS) event, the Nashvillains took some time to tell us about their new music, what is ahead for them throughout the year and more. Check out our exclusive interview with Nashvillains, and be sure to check out their Official Website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

CountryMusicRocks (CMR): Tell us a little about your new collection of music in 2021, what can fans expect?
Nashvillains: A cutting-edge sonic approach to modern country music. Fans can expect an album that we are proud to put our name on. This has been a labor of love and we can’t wait to share it with the world.

CMR: Even though 2021 is not completely certain quite yet, what are some of your career goals throughout the year?
Nashvillains: To open for some major artists on a major tour, get some songs placed in film and tv, and get streaming/radio play off our current album. Release material and introduce ourselves to new fans through the streaming platforms.

CMR: In addition to performing, what else did you miss most not being able to be out on the road last year during 2020?
Nashvillains: Meeting our fans face to face or mask to mask. lol.

CMR: If everything goes as planned, and performing/touring resumes for this year, how would you best describe your shows/set for 2021?
Nashvillains: Unmasked. lol. High energy with emphasis on fan interaction and musicianship.

CMR: As fans continue to get to know you, what is one thing you would like to convey to fans about you and your music?
Nashvillains: We want our fans to take the lyrical and musical journey with us that we’ve created in our album.

CMR: Even though CRS is quite a bit different this year, we are still celebrating country radio which is such a staple to everyone in the country music community. What is one of your all time favorite country songs that you just can’t get enough of country radio?
Nashvillains: Troy – Ghost in this House, I drive your truck
Brett – Go Rest High, 7 Spanish Angels
Scott – Poncho and Lefty

“In My Own Words” | Fast, Fun Facts with Nashvillains :

Favorite food to indulge in while on the road:
– We all like Donuts, BBQ and French fries.
– Troy likes – Triple Wendy’s Burger
– Scott loves Peanut butter on a spoon
– Brett likes Gummy Bears

Go-To Drink Of Choice:
– Scott – Beer
– Troy – Coffee
– Brett – Monster Energy Drink – 0 sugar

Favorite TV Series:
– Breaking Bad

Dream Collaboration:
– Willie Nelson/ Paul McCartney

Never Have I Ever:
– Jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.

Favorite Career Moment:
– Working with Hall of Fame Songwriter Steve Dorff.
– Brett – Doing a national tour opening for Brian Setzer