Miranda-Lambert-Ranarita---CountryMusicRocks.netGrammy award-winning singer-songwriter Miranda Lambert has been spotted backstage on her “Platinum” tour mixing her all-time favorite cocktail, her signature Randarita. Made with vodka, water, soda and low-calorie Crystal Light, it’s perfect for her on-the-go lifestyle.


Crystal Light teamed up with Lambert, country music’s reigning female vocalist of the year, to sponsor her U.S. “Platinum” Tour – a 30-city concert tour across America. Crystal Light is about adding fun, guilt-free pleasure to your day, so teaming up with Miranda Lambert, a long-time fan of the brand, was a natural fit.

In additional to the Crystal Light “Randarita,” fans can also check out the “Playable Poster” at Crystal Light Presents “Platinum” Tour.  The innovative poster allows fans to “spin” Miranda’s new record, Platinum, and hear her new music.

Enjoy a refreshing “Randarita” this summer, but please remember to drink responsibly.  The “Randarita” is just as good sans vodka, so be sure to give it a try!

Crystal Light Presents “Platinum” Tour continues through September.  For a list of tour dates, please click HERE.