Warner Canada Recording Artist Brett Kissel has released his first U.S. single, “Drink About Me.” The catchy new track serves as a solid introduction to Kissel here in the states, and he’s paired it with a picturesque music video staring ABC’s The Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick.

Kissel, a mutli-award winning and widely popular artist in Canada, is introducting brand new music. “Drink About Me” serves as the lead release from his forthcoming 8-track album, Now or Never, which is set for release on January 1, 2020. What a way to kick off the new year ahead!

We caught up with Brett Kissel to chat about his brand new single, new music video and so much more. Get to know the artist on the rise, and check out our exclusive interview.

CountryMusicRocks (CMR): You have released your brand new single, “Drink About Me.“ Give us a little background & tell us about this new track.

Brett Kissel: Well, Drink About Me is a song that is completely captivating – it captures what is so fundamental to the genre of country music, and that is evoking emotion.  The song is about being in love, and takes you on a journey that is so relatable to both the magical times that two people share together in a relationship…the unbridled passion… but also to a place where we’ve all been, where you miss someone so badly that it hurts. Through the song, we’re able to explore both feelings. Really, it’s a modern twist on a classic tale — and to me, brings to life the real magic and power of country music.

CMR: In addition to the new single, you also unveiled the music video for “Drink About Me,” which was filmed in The Bahamas. What was one of your favorite moments filming the video?

Brett Kissel: We shot the video down in South Andros Island in The Bahamas (luckily our location was not affected by Hurricane Dorian, although sadly, so many other spots have been destroyed) But our location was one of the most beautiful places on Earth with two of the most beautiful people on Earth, our friends Kaitlyn Bristowe who of course was ‘The Bachelorette’ and Jason Tartick who was the favorite cast member on ‘The Bachelorette.’  They are an amazing couple, so being able to work with them was so special in that their chemistry, passion, and ability to take you through the story and emotions within the song was so real.  Aside from being visually stunning, the video brings to life the highs and lows of love and relationships – and yearning for someone… drinking about someone.  It’s very powerful, but also has a light and romantic side to it. I’m proud that this story is so relatable and I hope that people have as much fun watching it as we did making it!

CMR: In  2017 you opened up for Garth Brooks for 16 dates. Earlier this month, you opened up for Garth – again. What was that like for you to be asked again to open up for Garth Brooks?

Brett Kissel: Almost like, ‘Pinch me…is this real life?’  I mean, Garth is my idol, and without question the greatest entertainer in the world, so anytime you’re asked to be a part of a Garth Brooks show…it’s surreal. I’m so honored and grateful to have been asked and to have the opportunity to get to know Garth, get to know Miss. Yearwood and to learn from the Master… it’s… well… you can’t beat it.

CMR: While you didn’t get to perform your set due to weather, Garth did personally invite you join him on stage for his ever popular “Friends In Low Places.” What did you take away from that experience, performing with Garth Brooks?

Brett Kissel: Truly a moment I’ll never forget….ever!  Of course you’re disappointed when you know that the weather has rained on your parade – literally, but it happens, right?  When Garth walked into my dressing room and asked if I wanted to join him for ‘Friends in Low Places,’ I mean… it was like hitting the jackpot!  I said it onstage, “It’s the greatest country song in the world, sung by the greatest entertainer who ever walked the face of the planet!” The crowd went wild. What I’ll remember most are two things – the energy from that crowd and on that stage was incomparable, and the kindness of the gesture from Garth and his team to give me that opportunity — it was truly special and unforgettable

CMR: You have spent a significant part of this year out on the road. How do you balance life on the road and life away from your home and family?

Brett Kissel: It’s certainly challenging at times, especially having three young children at home and missing my beautiful wife Cecilia every day that we’re not able to be together…that’s the hardest part about my career, quite honestly.  But, we’ve been lucky enough to travel together for large parts of our tours, and to have them with me and share so many cool experiences on the road together when we can. Over the last few years my daughters have learned to walk on our bus. Talk on our bus. Our baby Boy, Leo, will likely learn to do those things on the bus too. It’s a unique life. But it’s a great life. I wouldn’t trade our family experiences for anything in the world.

CMR: Hailing from Alberta Canada, and signed with Warner Music Canada, you are a well-known, multi-award-winning country music artist, and have received several awards throughout your career so far. For those not yet familiar with you, what is one thing that you would like to convey to fans about you & your music?

Brett Kissel: I like to think that my music relates to real life… and when people hear my songs or see me play live, they can attach a memory, or an experience to it, and that it makes them smile, or inspires them to keep on going in tough times. In many ways I want my music to add something to their lives and their stories, and when they’re able to see me play live I want to create new memories (hopefully of a kick-ass time they’ll never forget!)

CMR: You have had multiple stand-out moments in your career already, and as you know, those moments happen so quickly. If you could go back and relive one of those exciting moments from your career, which one would it be?

Brett Kissel: I don’t care if this sounds cliché… But I would relive the performance with Garth a million times if I could. I genuinely believe that I experienced what “Cloud 9” actually feels like. It’s on a giant, steel stage, in the center of a football stadium, standing next to Garth, singing ‘Friends in Low Places’.

CMR: Music, especially country music, leaves such a strong impact on our lives. What is one song that has made an impact on you, and whenever it comes on, it still resonates with you?

Brett Kissel: I love this genre so much. So, there’s many songs that get me right in the feels. Whether it’s a sad/emotional song, or an epic party anthem, country music has always, and will always resonate with me in a big way.
It’s the song “Galveston” by Glen Campbell that gets me every time. Sure, it may be an unexpected or odd choice, but it’s the lyrics and the melody that transplant me to the 1960’s in the heart of America, as people were discovering their voices and learning to stand up for what they believed in.
The song wasn’t written or meant necessarily to be a protest song for the Vietnam War, but it became an anthem for that period of time. The symphony in the song was remarkable; the lyrics were poignant and powerful; and Glen’s vocals were perfect.
If I could live in the 60’s I would, and I would sing this song at the top of my lungs driving in my 1960’s car – blasting it on my AM radio.

We are thrilled for Brett Kissel’s journey ahead. Pre-Order his new album, Now Or Never, by clicking here and start enjoying “Drink About Me” right away.

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