Artist on the rise JoLivi has recently released her latest single, “Stuck.” The fresh new track, written by JoLivi, Brian Maher and Skip Black, has been quickly embraced as the talented singer/songwriter delivers a solid ballad that you will want “stuck” on your playlist!

We caught up with the country newcomer to talk about her new single, the “Better” music video, and much more! Check out our exclusive Q&A with JoLivi:

Country Music Rocks (CMR): You recently released your brand new track, “Stuck.” Tell us a little about it and give us some background on this new song.

JoLivi: Stuck was one of those songs that when Skip Black, Brian Maher and I got together, we wrote it so fast.  I came in with this idea of being stuck in a relationship, but in a positive way. The tag in the chorus is, “If you were an island I’d wanna be stuck.”  I love that visually as well. Being with that one person that just understands you in every way that you’d love the idea of just the two of you on an island.

CMR: In addition to your new release, you also just released the music video for your song “Better” which was filmed at Nashville’s famed Printer’s Alley. What was one of your most memorable/standout moments filming this video?

JoLivi: What I appreciated and loved about filming this video was its simplicity.  The previous music videos that I have done were very intense and long hours, hair, makeup and large crews.  This was only a three location set up, one director, stage hand and my manager. It was a little interesting to film in a place where there are just random people walking around staring at you and taking pictures.  LOL I’m not famous or anything, but there are a lot of tourists down there so they are probably thinking… WELL YOU NEVER KNOW. lol

CMR: Both “Better” and “Stuck” have been widely embraced by digital music outlets. What has that been like for you to see and hear your music grow and enjoyed by so many?

JoLivi: It’s been a long time coming and honestly, it’s the best part.  I love knowing that the listeners are blasting it in their cars, or on their boats out at the lake and even while cleaning their house.  I’ve seen it all with these two songs and it feels amazing.

CMR: As an artist and constantly traveling from one place to the next, where is one place/city that you would love to get “Stuck” in for a few extra days?

JoLivi: Love this question!  There are many many, many places I would just love to get “Stuck” in but the TWO that come to mind are South Island, New Zealand and Rome.  Most of my family has been to New Zealand and I know it’s just so beautiful and the culture is similar to mine. ROME IS ROME.. I’ll be going there for sure within the next couple years.

CMR: You have made the transition from growing up and living in Hawaii to now living Nashville. What has this move been like for you and what are some of your favorite places to hang in Music City?

JoLivi: When I graduated high school I went onto study at Colorado State University and after I graduated from college I moved to Los Angeles.  I lived in LA for about 5 years and have just always loved country music since I was little. My manager suggested one day that I should write a country track, so I did and we came to visit Nashville and fell in love. We made the move here together.  I live in East Nashville and it’s my favorite place to hang.

CMR: For folks getting to know JoLivi, what is one thing you would like to convey to fans about you and your music?

JoLivi: I grew up listening to all genres of music.  My mother had a library of CD’s and we were constantly listening to music as I do now.  I’m very soulful and that comes out a lot in my music, especially my live shows. I love to entertain so the live shows are always a blast.

CMR: Music, especially country music, leaves such a strong impact on our lives. What is one song that has made an impact on you, and whenever it comes on, it still resonates and takes you back to a certain moment?

JoLivi: “Something in the Way She Moves” by James Taylor.  If you ask anyone, they will tell you that JT is my number 1.  I’ve loved JT’s music since I was probably not even born yet lol.  My mom was a huge fan. Like, instead of reading stories when you’re a little kid it was music that made my imagination run wild, he did that for me.  This song reminds me of so many different times of my life so many different milestones and heartbreaks.

Get “Stuck” on your playlist today, and grab JoLivi’s new single HERE. Be sure to keep up with her by visiting JoLivi’s Official Website, and following her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.