Stoney Creek Records recording artist Adam Craig is back y’all with brand new music! Not only did the singer/songwriter release one brand new track, but he released TWO! New single “If You’re Lucky,” written by by Jessi Alexander and Chase McGill, serves as a solid re-introduction to the talented artist and will resonate with many, and “What Are You Drinking To,” written by Adam Craig, Matt Rogers and Michael Carter, makes for the perfect anthem, especially with the summer months ahead.

We were lucky, and very grateful, to catch up with Adam Craig to talk about his new music and much more! Check out our exclusive interview with Adam Craig:

Country Music Rocks (CMR): You recently release new music and one of the tracks is your new single heading to country radio, “If You’re Lucky.” Tell us a little about the track and give us some background on this new song.

Adam Craig: I’d been making visits with every publisher in town and the second I heard this song I was struck by how Jessi Alexander and Chase McGill (who I had never met at the time) were able to capture my experience growing up in Tenino, Washington so incredibly. It just spoke to me and in an instant, I was hooked.

CMR: “If You’re Lucky” takes you back to your small town of Tenino, WA. When you are able to make it back to your hometown, what are some of your favorite places to see and visit that bring back a lot of memories?

Adam Craig: I love going back to the Skookumchuck grange—that’s where we used to listen to Tim McGraw on repeat and drink cheap beer a friend bought with a fake ID. We’d go up to the damn and drive all around the Skookumchuck valley, just making memories. I always have to stop in the Sandstone Café when I’m in town too—they’ve got the best biscuits and gravy in the game.

CMR: As you continue to showcase “If You’re Lucky” on stage and on the radio, what are a few things that you feel “Lucky” or better yet Grateful for?

Adam Craig: I feel so lucky that I get to be a part of the Country music community, which to me is the best genre in music, with the best fans. The fact that I get to play for the best fans in the world—I’m so grateful for that opportunity.

CMR: You have a busy summer coming up, especially with CMA Music Festival right around the corner. What are you looking forward to most this year during CMA Fest?

Adam Craig: I’m excited to play Ascend Amphitheater. I saw Train perform there and it was such a cool venue to experience as a fan, I’m looking forward to experience it on the other side. Also, everybody comes to town for CMA Fest so it’s always a great time to catch up with old friends and make new friends.

CMR: For folks that have not seen one of your shows yet, how would you best describe your set?

Adam Craig: I’m not sure how to describe it but my goal is to take people on an emotional journey with me. I think getting lost in the moment and feeling the emotion of music is why people go to concerts—to forget about the real world for a little bit and just have a time. That’s always the goal.

CMR: In addition to “If You’re Lucky,” you also recently released a fun, new song “Whatever You’re Drinking To.” What made you decide to release two songs at once?

Adam Craig: People have adjusted the way that they consume music and it’s so song-focused these days that we were going to put out just one, but I was just so excited to share this music with the world, I wanted to release a little bonus track, if you will. So we released two!

CMR: Since the song is called, “Whatever You’re Drinking To,” what is Adam Craig drinking to these days? What are some of your favorite beverages you enjoy?

Adam Craig: Having a new single out! My recent go-to drink is Tito’s & Diet Coke with a lime, I’ve also been getting into cabernet these days.

CMR: It is so great how music, especially country music, leaves such a strong impact on our lives. What is one song that has made an impact on you, and whenever it comes on, it still resonates and takes you back to a certain moment?

Adam Craig: “I Didn’t Ask and She Didn’t Say” by Tim McGraw. Listen to it and you’ll understand why!

“If You’re Lucky” and “What Are You Drinking To” are both available now and will make for a great fit on your country music playlist! Download the new tracks today by clicking HERE.

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