Rising country duo Cloverdayle just digitally released their latest single, “Scars.” Written by Chad and Rachel Hamar, “Scars” is a deeply personal track for the couple and is one that listeners can immediately connect to. Containing powerful lyrics that run deep throughout, the song resonates even further with a compelling music arrangement coupled with the delivery of Rachel’s strong leading vocals. “Scars” is both memorable and impactful, and exposes a vulnerable side to the artists on the rise.

Chad and Rachel started writing “Scars” a few years back. They wrote not only straight from their hearts, but also straight from their pain and experiences, both physically and emotionally. The husband & wife duo shared with us that after undergoing an unexpected major surgery, Rachel was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis which resulted in not only physical scars for Rachel, but also emotional scars for the couple as the realization of having kids naturally would be highly unlikely, if not impossible.

Rising up from their life challenges, the couple took their experiences, put them to paper and penned a powerful song that is not only about pain, but also about healing. With the trials & tribulations and tragic events that continue to impact our every day lives, Chad and Rachel deliver a song that many can relate to and connect with. As they say, music is healing and “Scars” serves as a beautiful song that is full of strength and healing.

It is songs like these that strike a chord and leave a long lasting mark. As the momentum continues to grow for Cloverdayle, “Scars” certainly serves as a driving force and game changer for the duo.

“Scars” is available now on digital music outlets, such as iTunes here. Download your copy today.

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