The Cadillac Three is currently making their way across  the U.S. on The Black Roses Tour. Delivering an impressive show that highlights their unique artistry, The Cadillac Three is bringing southern rock back to a focal point in country music.

The Cadillac Three, comprised of lead singer Jaren Johnston, steel guitarist Kelby Ray and drummer Neil Mason, brings an energetic set from start to finish.While out on their west coast run, we got the chance to catch their show in Portland. When the lights went down, fan’s hands immediately went in the air welcoming the band to the stage. Starting the evening off with album titled single “Bury Me In My Boots,” it was evident that a good time was ahead.

The passion the band has for their music did not go unnoticed. Every song was delivered with energy and excitement as they performed track after track. That being said, the fan’s passion for the band and their music did not go unnoticed either. Playing nearly every song from their full length studio album Bury Me In My Boots, it was plain to see (and hear) that fans have embraced the album as they sang song after song, practically word for word, along with the band. By the end of the night, all the way up in the Pacific Northwest, everyone felt like they were from “The South” as TC3 closed out the evening with their popular anthem.

The Cadillac Three’s The Black Roses Tour continues to rock the west coast as they head to Phoenix, San Diego and Sacramento. Their live show is one that you do not want to miss out on. For a full list of tour dates, please visit

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