Rising country artist Carly Pearce is gearing up for the release of her debut single, “Every Little Thing,” to country radio on March 20. The singer/songwriter brings a refreshing vibe to the genre and makes for a wonderful addition to the country music platform.

We caught up with the Pearce to learn more about her new music and so much more. Check out our exclusive interview below with Carly Pearce. 

Country Music Rocks (CMR): You have released your debut single “Every Little Thing” and it’s heading to country radio soon. For folks that are not familiar with the song yet, tell us a little about it.
Carly Pearce:
I wrote this song out of therapy, really thinking that no one would ever hear it — about a guy from Texas who broke my heart a few years ago. I wanted to take you on a journey of my personal story of dealing with the heartbreak.

CMR: “Every Little Thing” is nearing 1 million streams and has already garnered over 50K downloads. What has that been like for you seeing fans gravitate and embrace your work? 
Carly Pearce: I don’t know that I can put into words what it has felt like to see the response to this little song. Something so personal to me, resonating with people… It’s the biggest honor in the world. I feel lucky to be a vessel of vulnerability and honesty. 

CMR: Women in country have taken a strong role in the genre. Who are some of your female influences and role models in the industry?
Carly Pearce: I love true female voices with tone and character to their voices like Trisha Yearwood, Alison Krauss, Faith Hill. — I consider people like Dolly and Reba as role models, because they have somehow stayed so true to themselves and humble in the midst of being icons.

CMR: You have performed at the Grand Ole Opry over 30 times. I assume that no matter how many times you play the Opry, it is never a “routine” performance, so what’s it like for you each time stepping on that stage and into that iconic circle?
Carly Pearce: My biggest dream was to play that stage one day, so I get butterflies every time. It’s hard to even believe you’re standing on a stage that every single artist that’s ever meant something to the genre I love so much has stood. I have chills even right now!  

CMR: As fans continue to get to know you, what is one thing you would like to convey to fans about you and your music?
Carly Pearce: That you can do anything you want with hard work and determination. Stay true to yourself, because the music I am singing & writing is so true to me and my journey. I hope fans feel like I’m their friend.

CMR: With 2017 well underway, what are some things you have going on that you are really looking forward to this year?
Carly Pearce: I am just looking forward to saying hi to all the fans and introducing myself to country radio. This is all I’ve ever wanted.

CMR: Country Music is a genre that significantly stands out on its own. What is one thing about country music that really resonates with you?
Carly Pearce: Its truth. Bottom line. True Artists, True Voices, True Lyrics, True Instrumentation. I’m so honored to make country music.

 We can’t help but love every little thing about Carly Pearce! Grab her debut single on iTunes here, and be sure to request it at your local country radio station!

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