Rising country artist Jeremy McComb has been making his way across the US showcasing new music from his latest studio album, FM, released earlier this year. The new collection of music features twelve brand new tracks, and has been making a solid impact on country fans.

We got the chance to catch Jeremy McComb in action on the Spirit Mountain Casino Stage at the 2016 Oregon Jamboree. The singer/songwriter immediately formed a tight bond with the audience right from the start, and delivered an energetic set from start to finish. Hailing from the Northwest himself, it was easy for the crowd to connect to McComb as he brought up several locations and landmarks that many were familiar with. Jeremy’s authenticity speaks volumes, not only within each of his songs, but also as he made a point to get to know his audience making each fan feel special.

McComb’s passion and dedication to his music was prominent throughout his set. He has been hard at work to get where he is today, and the momentum continues as there is no end in sight for the rising star. It is evident that each time he takes the stage, he is grateful for the moment and puts in 100%+ effort, regardless of the size of the crowd. By the end of his set, fans were drawn in closer and eager to get to know the talented artist. Check out a few more event photos here.

Jeremy McComb is one to keep your ears tuned in and eyes on. His new album FM is available now, and will make for a great fit in your country music collection. Pick up FM on iTunes here.

Keep up with Jeremy McComb by visiting his Official Website, and follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. I am lucky enough to have known Jeremy since middle school. I can honestly say that he is a genuinely nice guy. He is obviously incredibly talented, but he is very down to earth. I pray for the best for him and his beautiful family.

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