Rising country duo Waterloo Revival recently released their debut EP – Front Row. Comprised of George Birge and Cody Cooper, the duo has been named on several 2016 Artists to Watch lists, including ours, and the release of this new EP further confirms our sentiment.

George and Cody not only showcase their talented vocals on the album, but they also leave their mark on each song as songwriters. George co-wrote all six songs on the album, while Cody co-wrote three songs including “I Could Get Used To This,” “That Damn I Didn’t Give,” and “Meet Up In The Middle.”

Starting the album off with the upbeat track “Summer Thing,” Waterloo Revival sets the ambience as we transition in to the summer months. To the contrary of the title, you’ll be grooving along to the song all year long as it’s “more than a summer thing!”

“I Could Get Used To This” and “Meet Up In The Middle” are both smooth tracks that would make for a perfect addition on country radio, and on the charts. “That Damn I Didn’t Give” is a powerful song that captures several elements of emotions, and gives the duo the upper hand on this album.

The boys showcase their country roots with “Backwood Bump,” a track that is no doubt a fan favorite during their live performance, while “Front Row” is not a song about sitting in the front row at a concert. However, it is a flirtatious single that is delivered tastefully with a compelling arrangement, and accompanied by strong lyrical imagery.

The well-balanced album delivers a solid vibe throughout, not only with a strong song selection, but also with song placement as the project runs smooth from start to finish. This new release could potentially serve as a significant game-changer for the duo, and we couldn’t be more excited for them.

Front Row is available on iTunes now, and will make for a great addition to your country music playlist. Grab your copy HERE.

Keep up with George & Cody during their exciting year ahead, and follow Waterloo Revival by visiting their Official Website, Like them on Facebook, and Follow them on Twitter & Instagram.

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