Hachette Books is thrilled to announce its partnership with the beloved actor and Grammy-winning and chart-topping musician, Tim McGraw, on a book version of his current No. 1 single and videoHumble and Kind” acquired by Hachette Books Publisher Mauro DiPreta in a deal with the Creative Artists Agency.

The song offers a message that is simple yet powerful, personal yet universal: “always stay humble and kind.” In just a few short weeks, the song and its uplifting theme have resonated with many millions of people around the world.  The book, also entitled HUMBLE AND KIND will combine the song’s touching lyrics, written by Lori McKenna, stylish line illustrations, an introduction by Tim McGraw, and an epilogue by McKenna in an elegant keepsake hardcover volume. The book will publish on May 17, 2016, in time for graduation season.

McGraw was inspired to record “Humble and Kind” by events in his own life: In the weeks leading up to his eldest daughter’s departure for college, he found himself facing the heartrending reality of having to let go. With his daughter facing independence, how could he best prepare her for the world she was about to encounter? How do we encourage and support our children’s desires to experience new things while keeping their values intact? With tender clarity, the lyrics reinforce simple and important lessons for mindful, compassionate living, imploring all of us to take a more selfless approach to life.

“Humble and Kind” has been downloaded and viewed over 24 million times, inspiring a stunning community movement at StayHumbleandKind.com, where thousands of people visit to testify to everyday acts of kindness. Tim McGraw has committed to donate his proceeds from the book to the Neighbor’s Keeper Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, whose mission is to promote and facilitate giving to a wide range of charitable needs and opportunities.

Tim McGraw says, “It is a rare moment when a song comes along that speaks equally to the world and the individual. A song that transcends. A song that reaches into the heart of everyone who hears it. ‘Humble and Kind’ is one of those songs.”

Hachette Books Publisher Mauro DiPreta says, “With the growing incivility around us, the message in HUMBLE AND KIND couldn’t be more timely. As a father and a publisher, I could not be more thrilled to help remind all of us of the value of humility and kindness. Tim’s passion and commitment to this mission is simply inspiring.”