Country duo Waterloo Revival, comprised of George Birge and Cody Cooper, joins forces with Toby Keith as they just signed a record deal with Keith’s label, Show Dog Nashville.

“I heard their music and thought man, they would be great on Show Dog,” says Keith. “I haven’t signed any bands in a long time and they inspired me to start doing that again.”

“Toby Keith has been a massive influence on both of us through his music and through his regard for others. He is the rare breed of superstar who remains grounded in his roots,” say Birge and Cooper. “The opportunity to work with and learn from him as well as his team and the entire Show Dog family is something we could not be more excited about.”

In addition to newly signed Waterloo Revival, the existing Show Dog Nashville roster includes founder Toby Keith and his daughter Krystal Keith.

Earlier this year, Waterloo Revival independently released their debut EP – Front Row. The new collection of music is available on iTunes now, and features six solid songs. Check out our review HERE, and grab your copy of Front Row HERE.

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