RED BOW Records recording artist Brooke Eden just released her brand new single, “Daddy’s Money,” to digital music outlets. The rockin’ new single will serve as Eden’s country radio debut, and is set to impact the airwaves in early 2016.

“Daddy’s Money” is a strong song filled with passion & energy, coupled with Brooke’s powerful vocals. Proud of where she came from, Eden delivers a message about working hard for the things you want in life. “My parents never had a lot of money,” Eden shares, “but they made sure I had their support behind me: ‘We can’t buy your way in, but you can do it — you just have to work a little bit harder.'” This song reflects a way of life for Brooke as she has worked hard to get where she is today, and continues to put in the effort needed to maintain and grow.

“Daddy’s Money” will make for a great fit on country radio, and serves as a solid introduction to the country newcomer.

Grab your copy of “Daddy’s Money” on iTunes HERE. Be sure to keep up with Brook Eden by visiting her Official Website, Like her on Facebook and Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.