Chuck Wicks Turning Point -

Blaster Records recording artist Chuck Wicks has set a release date for his sophomore album. Entitled TURNING POINT, Wicks will release his 11 song collection on February 26.

If I had one statement around this new record it’s, ‘Hey, I’m back, but I never really went anywhere.’ This is only my second full-length album. I wanted to write songs that vocally show where I am now because I’m in a different place than I was on the first record. I’ve grown so much as a person and I’ve grown stylistically. I’ve come into a new space and I think this record is going to show that, Chuck explained.

Of the eleven tracks on the upcoming album, Wicks co-wrote each one. “I have a lot of creative interests but the one thing remains consistent is my songwriting. I’ve been working harder than ever on my craft and I think this album reflects that,” said Chuck. The talented songwriter has recently had songs released by Jason Aldean, Frankie Ballard, The Swon Brothers and more.

1. She’s Gone
(written by Chuck Wicks, Brett Tyler & Jeffery East)

2. Fix Me
(Chuck Wicks, Amy Krechel, Angela Krechel & Courtney Krechel)
3. Us Again
(Chuck Wicks, Tiffany Vartanyan & Andy Dodd)
4. Whole Damn Thing
(Chuck Wicks & Liz Rose)
5. Tell Me
(Chuck Wicks, Steph Jones & Andy Dodd)
6. Saturday Afternoon
(Chuck Wicks, Rodney Clawson & Chris Tompkins)
7. I Don’t Do Lonely Well
(Chuck Wicks, Tom Shapiro & Neil Thrasher)
8. Salt Life
(Chuck Wicks, Mike Mobley & Vicky McGehee)
9. Always
(Chuck Wicks & Emily Shackelton)
10. Whatcha Got Girl
(Chuck Wicks, Neil Mason & Corey Crowder)
11. Over You Gettin’ Over Me
(Chuck Wicks, James Slater & Rachel Thibadeaux)

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