The Band Perry -

It’s new music time for The Band Perry who has been working on their forthcoming album for several months now. The trio is out with their brand new single “Live Forever” and the video for the song features more than a fair share of the color yellow.

“With this project we’ve had more fun than we’ve ever had in the studio we finally took time off the road to just be able to dedicate to waking up every day and going to sleep every night for about six months just dreaming about the future of our music. And that was a really wonderful thing that we hadn’t given ourselves the luxury to do before” Kimberly shares. So, it felt really empowered and electrified woke up each day really excited to go into the studio and yellow is a color that exuded that for us in this new era.”

The Band Perry has been at radio promoting their brand new single “Live Forever.” The video for the new song that the trio co-wrote can be seen here.