US Navy SEAL Pete Scobell is set to release his debut album, Walkin’ A Wire, on September 11. The new album is comprised of 12 excellent tracks that will widely appeal to country music fans. Bringing in a mix of heavily laden country and some rock, Scobell ties them together effectively for a well balanced album, and makes a solid first impression.

Scobell’s back story is a powerful one. From serving our country for over 17 years, recovering from a horrific injury while serving, to releasing his debut album, Pete is an artist that has many stories and emotions to put into music. Many will find his songs relatable with lyrics that hit close to the heart.

Earlier this year, Pete Scobell recorded and released poignant song, “Hearts I Leave Behind,” honoring US Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer Christopher Kyle. The song was recorded at the request of Christopher Kyle’s wife Taya Kyle, and reached #1 on the digital single charts.

CountryMusicRocks got the opportunity to catch up with Pete Scobell to talk about his debut album, Walkin’ A Wire. Check out our exclusive interview below, and pick u a copy of the new album HERE.

CountryMusicRocks (CMR): After serving for 17 years in the US Navy, tell us a little about your journey getting into music?
Pete Scobell: Music has always been a constant part of my life so I was fortunate enough to meet some great people when I got out of the Navy that gave me some amazing opportunities and now music is my career.

CMR: What is it specifically about country music that made you want to get involved in this genre?
Pete Scobell: It was a natural progression since I joined the Navy, it was what I always listened to and matched what I had going on in my life.

CMR: Speaking of music, you are gearing up to release your debut album WALKIN A WIRE. Tell us a little about this collection of music.
Pete Scobell: Every song is deeper than what you are hearing on the radio right now, every song has a story behind it, every song has substance and so do I.

CMR: You recorded “Hearts I Leave Behind” feat. Wynonna Judd, and at the request of American Sniper Chris Kyle’s wife Taya. Tell us a little about that experience and what that request meant to you.
Pete Scobell: The song was as meaningful to me as it was to her, because I lost my parents early and lots of brothers in the Teams. Losing someone is something everyone can relate to and that song is healing song with a positive message that anyone can identify with.

CMR: If you had to choose one song from the WALKIN A WIRE that you have a significant connection to, what song would it be and why?
Pete Scobell: Wild, it was the song that I identified the most to on the album. I know those feelings when you lose people close to you and I think that song was meant for me to sing. The underlying story in that song is very personal to me.

CMR: You’ve been out on Marcus Luttrell’s Patriot Tour this summer. Tell us what that experience has been like for you.
Pete Scobell: Working with my friends and being able to be with former teammates is a great experience and we are fortunate for the opportunity to be together.

CMR: What can fans expect when they see you in concert, how would you best describe your performance?
Pete Scobell: It’s different every night but it’s entertaining performances integrated with powerful stories and a little bit of the unknown thrown in each time.

CMR: For folks still getting to know you, what is one thing that you would like to convey to country music fans about you & your new music?
Pete Scobell: It’s real stories for real American’s, it’s not bro-country, its gritty and people will connect to it once they hear it.

CMR: Music is consistently evolving and growing. In your opinion, what do you think separates country music apart from any other genre?
Pete Scobell: In the last few years country music has evolved and has become “The Country” and it’s America’s sound. It embodies our country’s values, ideals, and it tells our story. I think that’s why it has become so popular.

Walkin’ A Wire will be available starting September 11. Pick up your copy at a retail store, or on iTunes HERE.

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