Sam Hunt Lipstick Graffiti Tour -

Sam Hunt launches his first headlining tour, the Lipstick Graffiti trek, in Los Angeles Thursday (January 29th) at the Troubadour. You may be wondering where the title came from, and Hunt was asked how he came up with the tour name.

“The phrase Lipstick Graffiti comes from a song that I wrote a couple of years ago called ‘Vandalizer.’ The opening line from the song says ‘Lipstick Graffiti on the bathroom mirror,’” says Sam. “I was going through the lyrics of old songs and listening for just little phrases, buzz phrases, that caught my attention, and that was one that I wrote down and continued to look at it, er, look at that list of potential tour names over the next couple of weeks, and it kept standing out. When I look at that phrase, I feel like [it] captures what we’re going to be doing on this tour. It just fit.”

Sam’s latest single, “Take Your Time,” has hit the Top 25 on the country charts.

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  1. I have tickets for your concert in Columbus Ohio on March 12th I would do anything to be able to meet you I love to hear your story and I love to be able to put all my lyrics into a song I need some help I can do it I’d love to have some advice

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