photo via The FARM's Facebook Page
photo via The FARM’s Facebook Page

All In Records recording trio The FARM just released the music video for their brand new single “MUD.”  Written by Damien Horne, Krista Marie and Tyrone Carrecker, “MUD” is an upbeat track that captures their energy and showcases the brilliant blend of their three voices.

Of their new music video, The FARM’s Nick Hoffman recently shared with us, “Shooting the music video for mud was nothing short of a day full of pandemonium to say the least. It was a beautiful day in Whites Creek, TN just outside The Fontanel which is kind of a home away from home for us. It was full of well over 100 extras, friends and family. The local Jeep club came out and got stuck everywhere. We had 4-wheelers, somebody roasted a pig, and everybody brought beer & soda, and kids were there. It was just this thing that took on a life of its own and it had an energy that nobody could have planned. That was what was so special about it. And obviously, when you see it, we are literally covered in mud for the whole video. We are in this big jacked-up truck and it just had a vibe of the kind of fun, and the kind of thing that we call The FARM Party. Jayson Wall, the director, has this amazing energy and he wanted a part vibe. That’s what we did, we brought The FARM Party to Whites Creek and added a little bit of water, mud, and people, and voilà you’ve got a crazy day!”

Pick up The FARM’s new single “MUD” on iTunes HERE.