HomeFree Surpasses 100 MILLION Views on YouTube, Readies Release of “Full Of (Even More) Cheer” Holiday Album

Rising stars Home Free has their pitch just perfect! So much so that they just surpassed 100 Million views on YouTube, an impressive feat for the country a capella group. Comprised of five amazingly talented vocalists,  Austin Brown, Rob Lundquist, Adam Rupp, Tim Foust, and Adam Chance, the band continues to rise showcasing their unique talents. In addition […]

Home Free Delivers Impressive Cover and Video of “God Bless The USA”

Acapella group Home Free has their pitch just perfect, and they have been making an impressive statement with their dynamic vocals. The group just released their cover of Lee Greenwood’s beloved hit, “God Bless The USA,” and it is absolutely moving. The video initially premiered exclusivly on Taste of Country where Tim Foust shared, “We feel very […]