Photo Credit: Yve Assad

If you are looking to hear a mix of country twang with some rock & roll, then Manny Blu is the artist you need to check out! Blu recently released his latest EP, New Ink, comprised of five songs that many will instantly relate to.

During the virtual country radio seminar earlier this year, Manny Blu took time to catch up with us and give some detail on music, performing and more! Check out our exclusive interview with Manny Blu, and be sure to keep up with him by visiting his Website, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

Country Music Rocks (CMR): Tell us a little about your new collection of music in 2021, what can fans expect?
Manny Blu: A lot of new music, a live video series called “Live and Turned Up” on Youtube, and the birth of ‘Country Punk’

CMR: Even though 2021 is not completely certain quite yet, what are some of your career goals throughout the year?
Manny Blu: I want to keep putting out great music and start making noise in my own space.

CMR: In addition to performing, what else did you miss most not being able to be out on the road last year during 2020?
Manny Blu: I missed just being on the road with my band, we just enjoy hanging out while on the road and being in different places across the country. I also miss the nightlife of bar hopping and running into people at different bars all around Nashville.

CMR: If everything goes as planned, and performing/touring resumes for this year, how would you best describe your shows/set for 2021?
Manny Blu: Loud, high energy, and basically just a full experience. We haven’t stopped working on the things we want to do with our live shows and the experiences we want to bring our audience so, when it all opens up again we will be 100% really to fire on all cylinders.

CMR: As fans continue to get to know you, what is one thing you would like to convey to fans about you and your music?
Manny Blu: It’s alternative! It’s for anyone who doesn’t like to be told who to be, how to dress, and what they should be listening to. I love blending sounds together and I make it for anyone who likes to be different and do things differently.

CMR: Even though CRS is quite a bit different this year, we are still celebrating country radio which is such a staple to everyone in the country music community. What is one of your all time favorite country songs that you just can’t get enough of country radio?
Manny Blu: “Boots” by Hardy

“In My Own Words” | Fast, Fun Facts with Manny Blu:

Favorite Food To Indulge On While On The Road: beef jerky and Monster energy drink
Go-To Drink of Choice: Light Beer or old fashioned
Favorite TV Series: Curb Your Enthusiasm
Dream Collaboration: Slash
Never Have I Ever: Been arrested
Favorite Career Moment (So Far): Getting to tour for two months on a tour bus