‘Behind Miranda Lambert’s Wildcard, an original short film chronicling the making of the country superstar’s 7th album, comes exclusively to Apple Music. Consider it an invitation into her brave new world: an adventurous, creative playground which finds her ruminating on her Texas roots while exploring new horizons.
Lambert now splits her time between Nashville and New York, and says the latter’s confident, spontaneous energy has seeped into her art.
In the film, Miranda discusses approaching the making of Wildcard like her first album, the importance of taking time off to make room for creativity, channeling confidence, chasing a more spontaneous live sound, and the trickiness of blending country and rock, telling Apple Music: “Country it’s what I do, it’s who I am — but I love rock and roll.” 
‘Behind Miranda Lambert’s Wildcard features appearances and commentary from the album’s producer Jay Joyce as well as co-writers Natalie Hemby, Ashley Monroe, Luke Dick and The Love Junkies, which are comprised of Liz Rose, Lori McKenna and Hillary Lindsey. 
Wildcard, released on November 1st, was the most pre-added country album by a female artist on Apple Music of all time. 
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