Nashville recording artist Levi Hummon is having an incredible year. The singer/songwriter recently released his latest single, “Drop Of Us,” opened for multiple country superstars, and played several times at the Grand Ole Opry.

Additionally, the singer/songwriter’s new music has been embraced by country music fans. With over 30 millions streams on Spotify alone, Levi Hummon is quickly making a solid impression on. The talented artist will also be headlining a show in his hometown of Nashville at the Exit/In on September 5. Tickets are available here.

We caught up with the artist on the rise to chat about his new track, “Drop of Us,” as well as the incredible year he has been experiencing. See below our exclusive interview with Levi Hummon.

Country Music Rocks (CMR): You recently released your brand new single, “Drop Of Us.” Give us a little insight and tell us about this brand new track.

Levi Hummon: We found out we were going on tour with Hunter Hayes this past November and I knew I needed some feel good uptempo songs in the set. I got with my writing buddies and just started working. “Drop Of Us” felt special in the writing room and I knew my fans would love it. It was an every night highlight on the tour and then fans started requesting it to be released.

CMR: You also released a new EP last fall, entitled PATIENT. Tell us about the inspiration behind this collection of music?

Levi Hummon: I just felt like I needed to begin carving out my lane as an artist and songwriter. I know deep down I have a really specific vision for the music and the vibe, but I believe the “Patient” EP is a really great foundation sonically of who I am right now. The funny thing about “Patient” as a title is that I’m the least patient person ever, so I’m really happy it’s out.

CMR: You’ve been playing some really huge festivals this summer. What are some of your favorite things to take away from a music festival?

Levi Hummon: I love just seeing fans sing along and watching how the music, the audience, and the live show is all growing show by show.

CMR: With 2019 already past its halfway point, what has been one of your most memorable moments so far this year?

Levi Hummon: Man o’ man. SO MANY. The entire Hunter Hayes Tour was unreal, but our show at Lakeshake in Chicago took home the win. It was an amazing experience. Having the opportunity to open for Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, and Lady A is also incredible; they are all my favorites and truly amazing acts.

CMR: Earlier this year, you joined Hunter Hayes on tour, what is one thing that you took away from your time on tour with him?

Levi Hummon: He’s such an amazing live performer. Just how he moves on stage is really captivating and he gives 100% at each show, and I try to do the same. By 100%, I mean he’s like totally giving himself; it’s really a legitimate workout!

CMR: Music, especially country music, leaves such a strong impact on our lives. What is a song that has made an impact on you, and whenever it comes on, it still resonates with you?

Levi Hummon: Hmm… recently I’ve been really moved by a throwback, “Live Like You Were Dying.” Wow.

Pick up Hummon’s latest track “Drop Of Us” and add it to your playlist. Be sure to keep up with Levi Hummon by visiting his Official Website, and follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.