Between them, brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel of Atlantic Records / Warner Music Nashville duo High Valley share more than two decades of marriage with their wives – but in their brand new song, available now (listen HERE), they’re singing about a “Single Man.”

Brad co-wrote the foot-stomping new track, loaded with their signature bluegrass-tinted country sound, alongside Derick Southerland and Jordan Schmidt.

“Sometimes being single looks really fun,” Brad said. “Wild, free, less responsibility… but my wife and kids are so amazing that I honestly don’t know a single man who wouldn’t want to trade places with me!”

The lead track from their forthcoming sophomore album, “Single Man” ushers in the next era of High Valley while exploring the duo’s familiar roots. PeoplePeople shared an exclusive interview with the duo, noting that their “bluegrass-influenced country always has had a way of speaking their own personal truth.” Read more here.