Vevo announces the release of the live performances of King Calaway’s “World For Two” and “No Matter What”. A multi-national supergroup of harmony-singing, instrument-playing musicians, King Calaway is something new and fresh: a band that both embraces its country roots and reaches far beyond them.

Hailing from across the globe – from the small towns of the American Midwest to the southern tip of Spain; from the Atlantic seaboard to the Central Belt of Scotland – King Calaway brings a worldly perspective to a genre that’s previously been distinctly American. They’re country stars for a new generation, singing songs that erase the boundaries between genres and countries.

These young men aren’t looking to blend into the crowd, or even looking to fit in it…they’re in the business of standing out.

“World For Two” and “No Matter What” are available now on all streaming platforms, and be sure to keep up with artists from all over the world on