Country fans have come to know and love Drew Baldridge for his upbeat, dance-worthy, and “functry” tunes, but the rising country star has now shared a softer side to his music with the release of his latest single, “Gentle Man.”  The new song, co-penned by Baldridge, Chris Yarber and Robert Arthur, is the second release from his forthcoming sophomore album due out later in the year.  Fans can listen HERE

The groovy ballad, complete with polished lyrics, (then it’s soft, slow/ nice and easy does it/ when it comes to lovin’/ you need to understand that these hands might be calloused just a little/ but they can hold you gentle/ baby you/ make me a gentle man,) is a love song, but its inspiration surprisingly came from the country newcomer’s role models.  

Baldridge explains, “I was raised to always take care of the people around you and to always help someone in need.  All of my life I have seen great examples of love and kindness, and it has made me want to be a better man; a gentle man. My role models were not only the inspiration for this song, but also an inspiration for the man I am today.”

The Patoka, Illinois native traveled back to his hometown to create a docu-video asking his family role models the question, what is a gentle man? The response turned out to be a touching and heartfelt video revealing respect and love as the two top qualities found in a gentle man.  The personal video, viewed exclusively on Sounds Like Nashville, exposes a very raw Baldridge as he interviews his mom, dad, big brother, uncle, and grandpa. 

Baldridge recently checked off one of his dream-gigs as he performed on the main stage for country music’s most popular festival—Country Thunder.  He’ll head north next week with upcoming performances held in Medford, MA, New York, NY, Philadelphia, PA,  Freehold, NJ and more.  For up-to-date touring information, visit