There is no doubt Trent Harmon is a powerhouse vocalist; millions chose him as the reigning American Idol. Now he’s proving to also be a skillful songwriter and talented artist with “You Got ‘Em All” (Big Machine Records). His new single is the No. 1 most-added at Country radio this week.
Listen to “You’ve Got ‘Em All” here –
Co-written alongside Justin Ebach and Jordan Minton in less than one hour, “You Got ‘Em All” is a fresh introduction to audiences who have supported him over the last year as he’s taken the time away from the spotlight to expand on his craft.
Inspired by the relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Trent wrote the song following her decision to move to Thailand with two days-notice to pursue her dream of teaching overseas. A mix of emotions – sadness, confusion and happiness for her – swirled around as lyrics poured out. The game-changing single is a preview of Trent’s heart and soul-filled new music that industry and critics agree is a hit.
“Live or on the radio, this is a rip-your-heart-out weeper and a legit Song of the Year candidate.”
– All Access
“Trent pinned everyone’s ears back at CRS when he debuted this powerful, urgent, passionate and super melodic slab of sound.”
– Music Row
“…features the unique vocal stylings that made Harmon a standout on Idol.”
– Variety
“Delicate piano and Harmon’s crystalline vocals swell into a slick, bright production…”
 – Rolling Stone Country
“…an absolute show-stopper.”
– Taste of Country
Trent is currently on the road visiting with Country radio and playing his own headline dates. For more information and to check out his exclusive video “5 Things You Don’t Know About Me,” visit

7 replies on “Trent Harmon’s New Single “You Got ‘Em All” Is The Most Added Song at Country Radio This Week”

  1. That is totally awesome! You Got Em All and Trent Harmon deserve to be right at the top! They are both incredible!!

  2. Beautiful song sung wiTh so much passion and emotion….absolutely takes my breath away! Trent Harmon’s vocal ability is stunning and #YouGotEmAll is sure to skyrocket to #1 Thank you for this great article

  3. Trent Harmon had me from the first notes of “unaware” on AI and has just increased my love for his incomparable vocals and songwriting talent since. #You Got Em All sears my heart and soul and I can’t let go! Mesmerizingly beautiful!❤️

  4. Trent’s incredIble vocals COMBINED wiTh his passiomate songwriting skills make this song UndeniaBle!!!

  5. Love you got em all! Wonderful song. really shows off trent’s vocal ability. cannot wait for the album!

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