MCA Nashville recording artist Jordan Davis is making a solid introduction with his debut single, “Singles You Up.” Hailing from Shreveport, Louisiana, the singer/songwriter has been highlighting the hot new track and leaving a lasting impression on the way.

Written by Davis, Steven Dale Jones and Justin Ebach, the song is filled with clever lyrics and a catchy melody. When congratulating his friend and co-writer Justin on his recent engagement during their writing session, Jordan remarked, “you’re smart not to single her up.” It was then that they knew they had something.

We were kind of like ‘dang, I never heard it put like that, that’s kind of cool.'” And from there, “Singles You Up” was born. “I knew leaving the room that it was probably going to be my debut single, and here we are” Jordan revealed to us.

The artist on the rise released “Singles You Up” at the end of May and the momentum has been fierce ever since. The song has impacted country radio as well as digital streaming services, and has been quickly embraced by fans. Already, “Singles You Up” has been streamed over one million times on Spotify. “It’s pretty wild “ Davis exclaims of this milestone. “I’ve written so many songs, and you never really know if people are going to embrace it or not. This is my first time ever really releasing music so it is a pretty awesome feeling.”

In addition to the single, the country newcomer has been hard at work on his debut studio album. In fact, he revealed that the album is almost done. “We are really close to finishing the record” Jordan shares. “We have about seven songs completely done and I know we are going to probably release some new music here really, really soon.”

Fans can expect a well-balanced collection of music from the album. “It’s going to be a mixed bag” he told us. “There’s a few songs with the same theme as “Singles You Up” with that feel and same kind of production, and there is also some songs where we really kind of stripped it down and just let the lyrics shine. It’s going to be a mix of ten or eleven songs that I’m really passionate about.” Jordan’s passion for songwriting goes deep and that will certainly be highlighted on this first album. “I’m a fan of songwriting” Jordan conveyed. “This first record, and I’m not saying its going to happen every record, but for this first record I’m a writer on every song.”

While we still have to wait a bit longer for Jordan’s studio album, his debut single “Singles You Up” is a must-have on your country music playlist. The catchy tune will likely be on repeat as it’s one you just can’t get enough of. Download it on iTunes here, and be sure to call in and request it at your local country radio station.

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