Country Superstar Sam Hunt is gearing up to embark on his headlining 15 In A 30 Tour, launching tonight in Cleveland, OH. Hunt is taking Maren Morris, Chris Janson and Ryan Follese along for what will be an epic adventure this summer.

Hunt connected with each of his tour openers right from the start, and is looking forward to getting to know them better throughout the tour. “These are people who I just was drawn to, when I met ‘em. They seemed like they loved what they do, they care about what they do, they’re passionate and talented, and there’s an integrity to them as people and their music,” says Sam. “I don’t know them all really well yet, but I was able to recognize those things pretty quickly with the short time I spent around them.  And so that to me, is what sold those guys and Maren on me.”

“I think folks that come out to the shows are gonna pick up on it and I think that they’re gonna realize that none of us are the type of people who are just doing this for the wrong reasons, and hopefully people can appreciate that” Hunt continues. “And aside from that, their music’s great. You know, they’re really doing cool things.”

In addition to his blockbuster summer tour, Sam Hunt has been in the studio working on his next studio album.

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