Artist on the rise Ryan Griffin recently released his brand new EP, Sake Of The Summer. The new collection of music features 5 solid tracks, including his debut single “Back Seats and Burnt CDs.”

To celebrate the release of Griffin’s new music, Country Music Rocks revealed a sample of all five songs with exclusive acoustic videos on our Instagram page. Now, we’re sharing the full length acoustic videos highlighting each song on Sake Of The Summer, as well as exclusive details Ryan shared with us track-by-track.

Back Seats and Burnt CDs
“The first time I heard “Back Seats and Burnt CDs” it took me back to high school. I could see the hearts that she drew on the burnt CD she made me. I could smell the smoke on her flannel from the bonfire. I could taste the freedom in her kiss. It’s that universal feeling that everyone loves to feel and that never seems to stick around long enough. The best part of this song is you can put it on repeat and feel it again and again!”

Woulda Left Me Too
“There was a time I never thought anyone would ever hear this song and there was a part of me that was okay with that. It’s not my shining moment as a man. It’s not the way I want people to view me but it’s the truth. At the end of the day we all try to write something that transcends cultures, generations, race, gender, etc… Something everyone can relate to. “Woulda Left Me Too” was a thought I had the day my college ex walked out the door and I can’t help but think that we’ve all been there at some point. It’s the only song I’ve ever written with pen and paper.”

Drinkin’ To Do
“Honesty is part of my writing. It’s hard for me to write something that I haven’t lived. “Drinkin’ to Do” is no exception. It’s the easiest way to numb the pain and shut off your mind – stop thinking about her for a minute and find a moment of peace. It’s why bars are always open and people are always buying. We all do it – I’m no different.”

Sake of the Summer
“When I wrote Sake of the Summer I was deep into Maroon 5. They were a muse I couldn’t quit..ha!!! I wanted a flirty song with a pop vibe and lyrics that made you feel like you were there in that summer fling. I hope when you hear the song you also see the movie in your head.”

Young Love
“Young Love has a special place in my heart. We spent 3 days writing this one. It was worth the fight! For me this song is about acknowledging that we never stop chasing that feeling – that indescribable rush we get – that naivety and innocence that comes with the first time. Our past is what gets us to our present and none of us get there without a few scars. “We’re all growing up with broken heart”. Young love is REAL love!”

Sake Of The Summer is a must-have for your country music collection. Grab your copy on iTunes here.

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