To break the rules, you have to first master the guidebook – and few in Country music are both simultaneously paving new ground while paying tribute to the past like Multi-Platinum artist Thomas Rhett. He has shaped his own unique corner of the genre that is as fearless as it is furiously fun, and now the ACM Awards nominee has partnered up with GRAMMY® award-winner Maren Morris for his dynamic new single, “Craving You.”

The lead track from his upcoming third studio album that dips into the eighties with an infectious groove and twangy backbone, proves Thomas Rhett doesn’t see boundaries – and if he does, he just dances right over them. “Craving You” premieres today on GQ, impacts Country radio and is available now. LISTEN HERE.

“I’m so incredibly proud of ‘Craving You.’ It transports me right back to the eighties,” says Thomas Rhett. “There’s that Phil Collins-sounding drum, the stuttered bass notes. I’m a huge lover of the music from that genre and I think this song taps right into that vibe. And my fans know that I thrive on being unpredictable.”

On the day “Craving You” was composed, Thomas Rhett was scheduled to be at the co-writing session with “Craving You” co-writers Julian Bunetta and Dave Barnes – but he ended up sick and unable to attend. Somehow, the song created that afternoon perfectly captured the sonic palate he was looking for, so much so that it almost felt like kismet. “Craving You” is sensual and a little dangerous – it’s about wanting to be right back in the arms of a lover, even if you’ve only been apart for a minute. To capture that chemistry, he recruited the electric Morris with thrilling and pristine results. Thomas Rhett and Morris both bend the genre of Country music in unique, groundbreaking ways, and their combination is undeniable. ‪

“Every song is written for a reason, but it felt like this one was meant for me,” added Thomas Rhett. “I remember texting Maren and asking if she would sing on the song. She came over and just blew me away. I was amazed at how much her voice fit the song. Having a woman on the song made it twice as craving – a guy and a girl, obsessed with each other. I think that’s relatable.”

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