Thomas Rhett and his sweet wife Lauren are expecting a baby AND adopting! The happy couple announced on social media that Lauren is pregnant and that they are in the process of adopting a child from Africa.

The Rhett’s have made trips to multiple trips to Uganda and Haiti visiting children in orphanages and providing support. Last fall Thomas and several of his Nashville buddies raised funds or the 147 Million Orphans organization, a cause that is near and dear to their hearts, to provide aid to children living in poverty.

While taking a holiday break this past season, Thomas and Lauren visited Africa once again, this time joined by friends Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line and his wife Hayley. During their trip, Lauren started to feel ill. Thomas suggested for her to take a pregnancy test, but Lauren was chalking it up to food poisoning. “I was 100 percent sure I was not pregnant,” she tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The couple had tried in the past to get pregnant but to no avail. They quietly started the adoption process and decided to try for a child of their own later.

“When we began the adoption process, we said, ‘Let’s wait, let’s give this adopted child his or her time with us and then we’ll continue our family,’ ” Lauren explains. “So I was convinced it was food poisoning.”

Taking heed to her husband’s suggestion, Lauren did in fact take a test while Thomas went for a workout at the gym. Good friends Hayley and Tyler were the first to hear the news before the three went down to the gym to tell Thomas. “I’m jumping up and down, Tyler’s giving me a bear hug and Hayley’s running out of their room and I’m like, ‘Thomas Rhett is not even here!’ ” Lauren shares.

“I was in complete and utter shock!” Thomas Rhett shares with PEOPLE. “No one is ever prepared for something like that. It is almost like we suddenly had twins.” Read more of the Rhett’s exciting store exclusively with PEOPLE here.

The couple took to social media today to publicly reveal their exciting news. “We are so happy to announce that we are pregnant” Thomas writes. “and we are in the process of adopting a child from Africa! Safe to say life is about to get crazy! 😜”

Lauren also shared, OH BABY! 😍 actually…BABIES! Our hearts are exploding with happiness for y’all to meet our new baby who we are bringing home from Africa soon🙏🏼🙌🏼 who is also going to have a little brother or sister because, SURPRISE! there’s a sweet baby in my belly too 💛💛 #adopting&pregnant #cominginhot2017″

The couple hopes to have the adoption finalized before their baby arrives in August. Congratulations and Best Wishes go out to Thomas and Lauren!