Dierks Bentley has released a brand new single to country radio, “Black.” The new single is the title to his latest studio album, named after his wife’s maiden name. It is no doubt a sexy song, perhaps one of Bentley’s sexiest in his career as indicated by media outlets such as Associated Press and Rolling Stone.

“It’s no secret that this record is named after my wife, and she was both brave and generous to let me write about our relationship as the foundation of a lot of these songs,” said Bentley. “I’ve talked about how it explores some of the darker corners and edges of the heart, what happens in the black of night, and this song was really central to forming the rest of the project. It’s probably not what Cass expected when I told her I’d written a love song and named it after her, it’s more of an in-the-moment love song.”

Bentley will debut the new single for the first time on TV during Good Morning America live from Nashville on Wednesday, November 2.

BLACK is available at retail stores as well as digital music outlets, such as iTunes here.