Emerging country artist Spencer Crandall has unveiled his brand new single today, “Do It All Again,” and we are super excited to exclusively premiere the brand new track here on CountryMusicRocks. Written by Crandall, “Do It All Again” demonstrates the strong artistry the newcomer has to offer. After your first listen, you’ll want to do it all again!!!

“Do It All Again” will be available on iTunes October 14. Grab your copy on iTunes here and add it to your country music playlist!

Get connected with Spencer Crandall by visiting his Official Website, and follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

More about Spencer Crandall: Country music is home to a broad array of unique personalities who invite us to experience the highs and lows that they encounter in life through the songs they write. Spencer Crandall is one of these emerging personalities who is looking to establish himself as a fixture the modern country music scene. As an entertainer, Spencer brings energy and life to performances that instantly connect you with the passion behind his music. As a songwriter, he skillfully draws you into his story and makes you feel as though you are living it along with him as experiments with a fusion of country, pop, and soul.In just under two years Spencer has made remarkable strides in his career. Most artists take years to develop original music, establish their sound, and find a place to belong in the music industry. Spencer has written and recorded a 5 song EP, released a single with over 150,000 plays on Spotify, and an additional mix-tape project. He is set to release his next single, “Do It All Again” on October 14th, which promises to be the most important song he’s debuted so far.

In just over a year Spencer’s social media fan base has exploded growing from 1,500 to over 85,000 on Instagram and over 60,000 on Twitter. He is gaining as many as 500 followers per day as he interacts with fans and shows himself to be approachable and authentic. Spencer is also beginning to open for notable country acts like Chris Lane and Tyler Rich in front of sold out crowds.Every career has a beginning. At 21, Spencer has made a brilliant start toward a country music career and hopes to continue writing songs that resonate with his fans and above all, to keep having fun doing it.

“Music is my passion… my way of dealing with life. Whether it makes you want to cry or make you wanna chug a beer, music is one of the most powerful tools we have in our lives. I am just looking forward to getting better everyday and making sure I can give my fans the music that they deserve.” ~Spencer Crandall