Lauren Alaina has returned to country radio with new single, “Road Less Traveled.” The new track is a deeply personal one for the singer/songwriter, and while it is upbeat, the song delivers a powerful message.

“It’s a song to encourage people to just be who they are and don’t apologize for it, and I think that’s a hard thing to do because it feels like there’s so much pressure to fit this mold that everyone has like made for us which is ridiculous, because last time I checked if we were all the exact same, it would be pretty boring,” says Lauren. “I’m glad that it gets to be a single, because it’s one of my favorites. It’s one that really meant a lot to me to write.”

“Road Less Traveled,” written by Alaina, Jesse Frasure and Meghan Trainor, was written during a time the rising artist was battling bulimia which she publicly revealed recently. While Frasure and Trainor are close with Lauren, the three writers never discussed what was going on with her at this time.

“I don’t even know really if they knew when we wrote this song that it was kind of about [my eating disorder]. I mean, I think, sure, during the day, I was talking about how much pressure it was for me and how I feel like this needs to be a certain way and look a certain way,” says Lauren. “But I don’t know that I went into detail about, because I was really struggling with an eating disorder at the time, so I was really at the time kind of like me knowing that I needed to believe what I was writing, but it took me a while to really get there. I had to listen to this song. I had to write a million songs with this theme to kind of grow in that. So, I think maybe Meghan kind of knew, because she’s a really good friend of mine, but I don’t think we talked about it in the write. I just think we all felt this feeling to write this theme, and now I get to share it.”

“Road Less Traveled” is featured on Lauren Alaina’s self-titled EP, available now here.

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