Rising country star Olivia Lane just released her debut self-titled EP. Featuring seven fresh new tracks, the singer/songwriter delivers an impressive collection of music to country fans. With women in country music back on the rise in the genre, we are so happy to see (and hear) Olivia Lane as part of this movement.

Country Music Rocks recently caught up with Olivia Lane to chat about her new release. Lane shares with us details on her new music, live performances, her new initiative the #SunshineMovement, and so much more! Check out our exclusive interview with Olivia Lane below.

Country Music Rocks (CMR): You are gearing up to release your debut self-titled EP. Tell us a little about this new collection of music.

Olivia Lane: I’m so excited to put out these new tunes because they are a reflection of the life I’ve been living the last few years as I’ve been following my dreams. All the trials, tribulations, hopes and successes are somewhat documented in each song and I can’t wait to show a little more of my story to my fans.

CMR: Your latest single “Make My Own Sunshine” has inspired you to launch the #SunshineMovement in light of the tragic events that have been happening. Tell us a little about this movement and the impact it has been having on you?

Olivia Lane: Amidst all the tragedy happening in the world lately, I really try to live my life always seeing the silver lining of every situation. I started this movement to promote positivity and happiness in every day life, even if it’s small acts of kindness like telling someone a funny joke. A smile can go a long way and I encourage everyone to post on social media what makes them and/or others happy! The response has been absolutely awesome and I hope everyone keeps spreading that sunshine!

CMR: You recently made your debut songwriting round at Nashville’s legendary Bluebird Café. Tell us a little about what that experience was like for you.

Olivia Lane: About 5 years ago, I was spending the summer in Nashville and I waited to play an open mic night and now I’m played my first official songwriter round (which I could’ve only imagined would happen in my wildest dreams!). It was amazing sitting in that circle I so desperately wanted to perform in and admiring all the songwriters I’m lucky enough to collaborate with. It was surreal. It reminded me that hard work does pay off and to keep on keeping on.

CMR: You are currently out on the road showcasing your new music. For folks that haven’t seen you perform live yet, what can fans expect from your live performance?

Olivia Lane: ENERGY!!!!!! I love to dance and really get into the music. I always encourage people at the beginning of my show to let go and enjoy the night so I hope people are ready to have a good time and sing at the top of their lungs.

CMR: As fans continue to get to know you, what is one thing that you would like to convey to them about you and your music?

Olivia Lane: Growing up music was always my escape and something I took comfort in. I would think ‘if this person singing about this certain idea is going through the same thing I am then I must not be alone’ and I hope people have the same feeling when they hear my songs. I hope my songs remind people it’s okay to be human and whatever their feeling is a valid emotion.

CMR: What are some fun things that you like to do in your free time, and some fun places you like to visit downtown Nashville?

I love being outdoors so hiking, running, laying out in the park. I just bought a kayak so hopefully more kayaking! I’m also attempting to learn how to cook…follow my snapchat @olivialanemusic to see how that’s going (hint: not well).

CMR: As an artist, what is one thing on your country music bucket list?

Olivia Lane: Play the Houston Rodeo spinning stage (my hometown) and meet Reba.

CMR: Country Music is a genre that significantly stands out on its own. What is one thing about country music that resonates with you?

Olivia Lane: What I love about country music is we have very open artist/fan communication and relationship. Country music has always been about real people and real stories and I think country artists have the awesome opportunity to be real with their fans in person and in the songwriting, which is why I love country music.

Olivia Lane’s self-titled EP is available now. Pick up your copy on iTunes here.

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