Rising star Mickey Guyton returns to country radio with her new single, “Heartbreak Song.” Guyton’s fun, sassy side is in full effect as she delivers a solid follow up to her debut single, “Better Than You Left Me.” Calling out her ex-boyfriend, it’s safe to say she got the last word with this song.

“‘Better Than You Left Me.’ That song was kind of like getting over this breakup and becoming better off and realizing it. Then I come to find out that my ex-boyfriend was going around bragging to people that I wrote a song about him, a heartbreak song about him,” says Mickey. “So, I was like, ‘Hmmm, okay. Let me see how I can spin that.’ So, I went into this awesome songwriting session with these really great writers and I’m telling them this story, and I said, ‘I have ‘Heartbreak Song.’ I really want to write something about that.’ And I told them the [story] about my ex-boyfriend bragging to people. And this writer goes, ‘Ooooh. What if we said, ‘I ain’t gonna hit you with a Hearbreak Song?’ And I was like, ‘YES! Ahhhhhhhh! Oprah-style.’ And that’s where we came up with the song.”

“Heartbreak Song” is at country radio now, and is also available at digital music outlets. Grab your copy on iTunes here.

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