Maddie & Tae have been re-writing the rules since hitting the charts with “Girl In A Country Song,” the historic #1 debut for the platinum blond duo that called out a marginalizing status quo. Though still making their way through START HERE (Dot Records), the Sugarland, Texan and Ada, Oklahoman are thrilled to be teaming with Bloomingdale’s on a capsule collection for the storied retailer’s AQUA line.

“AQUA does everything girls like us like!” marvels Maddie Marlow. “Super-fun pieces… stuff that’s hip without screaming ‘fashion victim’… things you can really wear. And the best part: they come in all kinds of color and fits, so everyone gets to be part of the party. It’s great clothes for everyone, and they’re fresh and fun.”

“And AQUA is dress up and dress down: go to school, go to work, go out kinda clothes,” adds Taylor Dye smiling. “No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing AQUA’s got you covered. All in one place! When you’re busy like we are, they make it soooo easy.”

If Maddie & Tae never intended to be fashion muses, the the CMA Award winning “Girl In A Country Song” brought their roots-forward Country to places most Nashville artists never see. From Atlantic Monthly to The New Yorker, three pieces in The Washington Post to multiple NPR placements, they captured America’s imagination.

One of those people was Bloomingdale’s Vice Chairman Frank Doroff. Upon reading about Maddie & Tae in Women’s Wear Daily, Doroff was introduced to the artists through Marvin Traub Associates. Doroff and his team brainstormed with Maddie and Tae, which led to the girls’ curating a unique and exciting capsule collection for AQUA exclusively for Bloomingdale’s. M&T’s initial collection will be available Fall of 2016.

“Maddie & Tae represent the fresh, fun and modern young women who wear Aqua,” says Doroff. “As creative artists, their influence and input feels like a strong fit for this line. Bloomingdale’s welcomes the opportunity to work with young talent in all phases of their business. We’re thrilled to have Maddie & Tae working with our AQUA brand.”

“Obviously we’re not the kind of girls who’re obsessed with clothes and make-up,” laughs the harmony singing, rhythm guitar playing Dye. “But we want to look good! We have ideas about style and think your clothes can be cool without obsessing about it. That’s why we love everything about AQUA.”

“When you look good, you feel great. You just do,” Marlow continues. “We don’t want our clothes to wear us… But we do want to wear clothes that say who we are. Working with the AQUA team, I think these clothes are going to be something real young women everywhere are going to want to wear, which is crazy! But it’s also everything we’ve been about since Tae and I started making music.”

The clothes will be available in all Bloomingdale’s store locations, as well as online at