Jake Owen has taken matters in his own hands regarding an imposter who is reaching out to females on facebook pretending to be the country superstar. Messages from the imposter have been forwarded to Owen and as you can tell in the video below – he is not happy.

Since the imposter provided his phone number in the messages sent, Jake decided to give him a call live on the Facebook Live platform. Unfortunately, the call went straight to voicemail, but Jake did leave him a message and indicated that he would get to the bottom of this. Jake even shared the imposter’s phone number!

When it comes to fans, Jake Owen takes things very seriously. He cares a great deal about his fans as we’ve seen him demonstrate time and time again. We are confident that facebook will have the fake account removed, and hopefully nobody else will try to do the same thing.

As a reminder Jake Owen only has ONE Facebook account. Like his Official Page at facebook.com/jakeowen.