Country newcomer Levi Hummon has been making a great impression on the country music scene with the release of his debut self-titled EP. Signed with The Valory Music Co., Hummon delivers five quality songs for fans to enjoy, and the album serves as a solid introduction to the new singer/songwriter.

Hummon provided us with some insight on his new release. When it came to selecting songs for his EP, Levi shared with us that he made his decision based on the fans. “I choose these songs for the EP based on what fans were reacting to, and what was resonating, what people were singing along to… These were the 5 songs that really stuck out.”

The rising star is gearing up to release his debut single to country radio, and as indicated in our review, each of the five songs on this album can easily make for a great fit on country radio. That being said, Levi really can’t go wrong with any song he chooses to release. At this time, Levi and his team are leaning towards, “Life’s for Livin’,” the first track off the EP and one of his favorites to perform live. “It’s one of those songs that shows my vocal range in terms of I flip up on the verses and then kind of rap it out on the choruses.”

Levi co-wrote four of the five songs on his debut EP. Having guidance from his award-winning songwriter father, Marcus Hummon, Levi has honed his craft over the past few years. “At first, about once a week on every Thursday, he would allow me to write with him and one co-writer. He said I had to bring him half the song, and we’ll write with you, I just want it to be part of you. I started writing and working up for these days to write with him and one big co-writer, and making it the biggest moment of my life. Eventually it just became my catalogue and became who I was as an artist.”

“Eventually I started reaching out to other writers in the community and generating my own circles of writing with people that became kind of my kind of creative team as an artist. My dad obviously has a giant impact on me, but at the same time it became like a stepping stone with the tools I needed that allowed me to be my own individual.”

Levi Hummon makes for perfect fit in today’s country music. The genre is consistently evolving and growing, but it still stands out on its own. “I think it’s so amazing in this genre that you can be everything from a Sam Hunt to a Chris Stapleton, and still exist in the same genre. When you think about it really, those artist aren’t very much alike, but there is something that connects them. It comes from a world which is singer/songwriter based. I think country music is made to be honest, and be cool and be unique. There may be hook that’s similar, or a melody that’s similar, but it all exists in an unique spectrum.”

Hummon is currently out on the road with Ram Trucks showcasing his new music, including “Guts and Glory,” which was inspired by the brand. In a new 2016 Ram 1500 pickup, Levi will visit San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Austin Detroit, Atlanta and New York. Follow along on social media using #GutsGloryRam.

Levi’s debut self-titled EP is available online now. Grab your copy on iTunes HERE.

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