Independent country artist Buddy Brown recently released his brand new EP, Hurricane Stomp. The new collection of music features five brand new songs that fans are sure to enjoy!

We had the chance to catch up with the country artist to chat about his new music and much more! Of his new release Brown shares with us, “This is my 7th EP. We’ve built this whole thing as a grassroots type of situation. We took the successful songs from the past and tried to write songs like that.”

“It’s a lot of the southern folklore. Lyrically, I grew up on a lot of that stuff. I like to write stuff that’s really outside the box and even eerie sometimes. Hurricane Stomp has got a lot of that and a few of my previous songs were a little bit like that. After that we just like to put in stories, everybody likes a good story. I’m from Mississippi and that’s just so deep in our culture. Those types of songs are the most appealing to me and the most fun to play live. That was kind of the direction and the reason I wrote the types of songs I did.”

The flow of the music on the album delivers a great vibe, and you can easily imagine hearing these songs performed live. Brown shared with us that he likes to treat his live set like a bonfire. “I would always go camping with a lot of my friends. Between the songs we would tell stories and we’d laugh & cut up, and really just make all of our friends feel like they’re part of it” Buddy said. “I try to do that with the whole audience, and make everybody feel like they have a stake in the concert, that they’re not just getting “some act”, that they’re getting something too and getting involved. I really, really take apart the audience and get them involved.  It makes it fun, I treat like a big ol’ party!”

Brown is gearing up to join Jon Pardi out on the road once again. He toured with him previously on the College Town Throwdown Tour last fall along with Justin Moore and Brothers Osborne. Of his experience with Pardi he shared, “He’s just fun and somebody that’s going to really put together a hard-hitting concert every single night, and make sure everyone knows exactly who he is before he leaves the stage. It’s a big encouragement to see somebody else doing what I felt in my soul was what I should be doing.”

Social media has been a huge presence in Buddy’s career, stemming from YouTube and taking off from there. “It started with youtube and its taken off like crazy with facebook in the past two years. It was accidental. I released a couple of covers of songs and they got hundreds of thousands of views, and the channel itself ended up getting millions of views.”

“I just started talking with people who were writing in, so many messages and comments all the time. It got to the point where I could kind of sit down & sing a song, visualize all these people because you were developing a relationship with them. It’s not like singing on the radio where don’t get to see who’s actually listening. I felt like we were all one big family.”

“I just kind of developed a niche of writing the type of songs that I did, and trying to be a little bit different than country radio because I’m calling myself independent and I don’t want to sound like exactly like that. I want to offer something that can’t be found anywhere else. That’s what makes a specialty store a specialty store! You know you can only go to that one place to get it. I’m certainly not that guy, but I try to strive for that. It’s been really cool to develop these relationships with fans and you can kind of guess what type of music that they want to hear with what they’re buying and what they are interacting with.”

As fans continue to get to know Buddy Brown, he would like to convey the realness of him and his music. “I write songs for guys that are sitting in their garage cleaning bullfrogs on a Friday night at 2:00 a.m. listening to Hank Williams, Jr. There’s a lot more of us than you’d ever imagine there to be. I have so many of my fans telling me that ‘stuff they hear on the radio doesn’t fit their lifestyle anymore, or they’re singing about the same old things, thank you for taking us outside the box and being able to attempt some topics that may not ever be played on the radio.’ That’s what I want to convey. It’s always going to be real and it’s going to throw some punches and certainly make no apologies for it.”

Hurricane Stomp is available now and will make for a great fit on your country music playlist. Grab your copy on iTunes HERE.

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