Earl Dibbles Jr., the comedic brainchild of country music hitmaker, Granger Smith, releases today his highly anticipated music video for his fourth and most raucous song to-date, “Merica.” “Merica” is featured on Granger’s upcoming album, Remington, which releases March 4 via Wheelhouse Records.

Pre-order is available via iTunes and fans that purchase now will receive the following instant grats: the No. 1 hit song “Backroad Song,” “If The Boot Fits,” “Tonight” and “Merica.”

Watch the music video for “Merica” on YouTube.

“Earl Dibbles Jr. had been missing a song about ‘Merica’ on his previous three tracks,” says Granger. “One of my goals in writing this one was to try and capture who Earl is for those who might not know anything about him. From the first line you can picture who Earl is, “I got my one strap snapped on my Liberty bibs, wad of Levi Garrett packed between my lip and my gum… Merica.” Earl Dibbles Jr. allows me to work way outside the typical parameters of country music and this song adds another tangible layer to who Earl is.”

As reiterated in the song’s chorus, Earl Dibbles Jr. is a proud and very vocal American who regularly comments about the greatness of the USA:

We’re back to back undefeated World War Champs
So take a cup, raise it up for my Uncle Sam
You know we sent a man to the moon and before we’re done
Yah we’ll probably send a man to the sun

To catch Granger Smith and Earl Dibbles Jr. LIVE on tour, visit: grangersmith.com/tour