Jessie James Decker recently released her first holiday album, This Christmas. Featuring 7 holiday tunes, and two special guests, This Christmas is sure to get everyone in the holiday spirit!

This Christmas features Decker’s love for the holiday season and it’s music. “I’ve always loved Christmas music, and it’s my absolute favorite time of year” Jessie James Decker shares. “Growing up in my house it was such a big deal to play Christmas music. As soon as Thanksgiving was over, we turned on Christmas radio and that’s all we listened to. We all had our favorites.”

Not only did Jessie want to make a holiday album because of her love for the holiday, but also as a cherished memory for her children. “I just wanted to make my own memories, and a Christmas record we could play every single year that my kids can listen to, and know that their mom was festive and made a Christmas record you can listen to for years to come.”

Recording a holiday album was important to the singer/songwriter. Last year she released “Baby! It’s Christmas” for the holiday season, and this year she was determined to release an album. “[Last year] I told my publisher next year we are 100% doing it, a full on Christmas album, we have to do it even if it’s just an EP.”

“So this year between being pregnant and having a baby, we finished it. We were actually recording the Christmas record and putting on vocals three days before I delivered. After I had the baby my producer flew out so I could finish it.”

This Christmas features two special guests on the record. For the popular holiday tune, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” features country music artist Joe Nichols. In addition, Jessie also included another version of the song on her album featuring her beloved husband, Eric Decker!!!

Jessie shared with us that music is something she has introduced to Eric over the years. He loves music, but’s never really been a singer. How did he end up on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” you ask??? Well….. “He was kind of bullied into it. I made him do it” Jessie laughs.

“The record was already done and I was finishing up some vocals on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” at the house. We were in the basement, he always loves to just hang out when I work and stuff, and so I told him to get on the mic just for fun. Put your vocal on it and if it doesn’t sound amazing, Dan can auto-tune some parts, it’s not a big deal.”

If that wasn’t convincing enough, Jessie shared that she added a bit more incentive. “The babies will be able to know Daddy sang with Mommy, come-on!”

“He did it. He only sang like two different takes of it, he was laughing and you can hear him laughing at the end. As soon as he was done, Dan edited it and sent it over to me. I showed it to Carla my publisher who we did the record with and she was like ‘this is going on’! He was a little worried at first, but everyone thinks he sounds great and it’s perfect.”

We couldn’t agree more, it is perfect, and the whole album makes for a great addition to holiday music to enjoy throughout the season.  This Christmas is available now on iTunes HERE

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