Photo Credit Larry Busacca
Photo Credit Larry Busacca

Chase Rice is gearing up for the Thanksgiving holiday filled with family, food and of course football!!! While the holiday hasn’t been one of his favorites in the past, he now says it’s “one of the best days of the year.”

“Thanksgiving used to be the worse holiday ever, ’cause, like, for three years in a row, I was real sick one year, I got shot in the foot by my friend with a BB gun and stuck in my foot and had to get it surgically removed or whatever (laughs) another year, and then I was real sick the next.”

The older I’ve gotten, it’s…Thanksgiving is awesome. You get to go, you get to have food that you don’t even have to prepare: I don’t have to anyway. Family, you know, Mom or whatever does it. But you get the best meal you could possibly have, and it’s in the fall, and the most important part: you get football. To me, one of the best days of the year.”

2015 has been a great year for Rice which was full of live shows, and two successful singles on the charts with “Ready Set Roll” and his most recent, “Gonna Wanna Tonight.” Both songs can be found on his album Ignite The Night, which is a must-have in your music library.

After the Thanksgiving holiday, Chase will head back out on his headlining JD and Jesus Tour. To see if he is coming to an area near you, visit!