The down under is bringing country here to the states! Australian singer/songwriter Dianna Corcoran is gearing up to release her American debut album, aptly titled, In America.  The new album features 12 new tracks, all co-written and produced by the country artist herself. In America is set for release January 29, 2016 and features her lead single, “God Did Good.” 

While this may be Corcoran’s debut release in the US, she is no stranger to the country music genre. The country artist is heavily decorated with over 400 international awards, and is already creating a strong buzz with her new music here in the states. Dianna brings a refreshing new sound to country music, and we’re excited for her journey!

CountryMusicRocks recently caught up with Corcoran and chatted about her forthcoming album, new single, and so much more! Check out our exclusive interview with Dianna Corcoroan below.

CountryMusicRocks (CMR): You recently released your new single “God Did Good” from your upcoming debut American album. Tell us a little about this new single?

 Dianna Corcoran: “God Did Good” is a love song about how well God has put together the love of my life. We often have a vision of who we want to end up with, only to find out that the higher power has most likely got other ideas and won’t disappoint.

CMR: Speaking of your US debut album, In America, tell us a little about this new collection of music?

Dianna Corcoran: It’s a journey of fun and emotion. Every song is a true story of mine and although some songs are quirky and others are emotive and thought provoking, the one thing they all have in common is their authenticity. I’m proud of the story this album tells and went through a lot of effort to make sure it was for Country fans.

CMR: For folks that are not familiar with you yet, how would best describe your sound?

Dianna Corcoran: It’s a mix of quirky Country and pop sensibility. I guess you could call me the new age Olivia Newton John, with a hope that I could be even half as good. 😉

CMR: You also self-produced your upcoming album, In America. Did that add extra pressure to yourself or were you more comfortable being in the producer role and having control of your project?

Dianna Corcoran: I am definitely comfortable producing my music– I certainly couldn’t have any disagreements with myself. I loved finding my way without the risk of losing who I was. I think more artists should be producing some of their music. I still love collaborating with others, though. It was kind of an accident that I produced this. I kept putting songs together and before I knew it, there was an album’s worth of music that my team didn’t want me to change, so we might as well share it.

CMR: This upcoming album is your debut album in America. What are some of the differences with American country music vs. Australian country music – if any?

Dianna Corcoran: There’s not a great deal of difference, but there is one and I do think I bring a fresh sound to American Country. I can’t really pinpoint what it is, but some songs just resonate better with my audience in America than in Australia and vise versa. Testing the songs out on live audiences was necessary for finding the right approach to this release.

CMR: Do you find the country music industry more difficult to get into and make a presence here in the states?

Dianna Corcoran: It is certainly more difficult for someone from outside America, purely due to the sacrifices made to get here. It’s an incredibly cliquey business that will make you or break you. I’m not sure that its more difficult than back home, but I do know that I’m starting all over again and that is not only tough, but next to impossible. I never stop believing, though. I’m used to hard work and somewhat enjoy the challenge of having to working for it twice over.

CMR: We love seeing and hearing women stake a strong role in the country music genre once again. Who are some female country artists that have inspired you and have had some influence on your career?

Dianna Corcoran: That’s a tough one– there are so many. Olivia Newton John was someone that my mum used to listen to, so she influenced me from a very young age. From there, it went on to Leann Womack, Trisha Yearwood and I now admire people like Taylor Swift who break down walls and keep going.

CMR: As fans are getting to know more about you, what is one thing that you would like to convey to fans about you & your new music?

Dianna Corcoran: It’s all REAL. I tell true stories and never steer away from being as authentic as possible. There is nothing that I hide and I hope my music expresses that and connects to the real world.

CMR: You moved to Nashville back in 2011. Where are some of your favorite Nashville spots to go to?

Dianna Corcoran: I walk up to five miles a day and love to change neighborhoods to do so. I LOVE the Nashville southern-style homes and spend a lot of time gazing at the different neighborhoods in Music City. I also love to hang out at Ugly Mugs Coffee in East Nashville to chill and get some work done and often frequent Pizza Perfect on 21st Ave. I love their pizza and they take good care of me. 🙂

CMR: What do you miss most about your home in Australia and do you get to go back often?

Dianna Corcoran: Its been two years since I was back in Australia and that is just too long. I miss my family the most and the power of the magical land that is Australia. I enjoy my new life, but those are the two things I crave. If I can get back for a few weeks a year, I can usually manage the homesickness.

CMR: Music is consistently evolving and growing. In your opinion, what do you think separates country music apart from any other genre?

Dianna Corcoran: I’m not a real genre-specific person– I just love music. But I am Country, so what ever I do, it will be Country too. I think the thing that has held strong in Country music specifically is the story telling. I love the evolution of music, but I hope we don’t lose that.

In America is available for pre-order now as well new single, “God Did Good,” available now, here.

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