Photo Credit Cody Cannon
Photo Credit Cody Cannon

Chase Rice’s hit single, “Gonna Wanna Tonight,” serves as his second Top 5 song on the country charts from his Ignite The Night album! Interesting fun fact, Rice says the video is right in tune with his reality.

“The funny part about the music video is it’s my life,” Rice shares. I mean, that’s…literally, the week before I shot that video, I was actually in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, doing that — not with Penny. Penny is the girl in the music video, and it was with somebody else. But yeah, I was doin’ that in the mountains of Tennessee, and it was literally my life, you know, a week later, in video form.”

Chase continues, And…but that’s me, man, I love sittin’ by the fire, I love…you know, I sit by the fire out by my farm here in Tennessee all the time. And that’s just…that’s what I love to do. I love to be outside. I love to be by the water. If I could be in a cabin by the water my whole life, I think I’d be sittin’ pretty.”

“Gonna Wanna Tonight” can be found on Chase Rice’s Ignite The Night album available in retail stores and on iTunes by clicking here.

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