Brett Eldredge Lose My Mind -

Song ideas come from all kinds of places. Sometimes they keep you awake at night and can drive you a little bit crazy. Brett Eldredge’s new single, “Lose My Mind,” is one of those songs.

“The day we wrote ‘Lose My Mind’ I had this groove in my head that kept me awake the night before,” said Eldredge. “This groove was driving me nuts. And a relationship can be like that too when a person completely takes control of your thoughts and you can’t do anything but think about them. It drives you completely crazy and makes you lose your mind. That’s what this song’s about. When you literally feel like you’re going crazy, but it’s because you’re so crazy about them and shows you how much you love them and you can’t get enough.”

Written by Eldredge, Ross Copperman and Heather Morgan, “Lose My Mind” is the first single from his forthcoming sophomore album coming later this year. The CMA New Artist of the Year’s new single is a quick blast of manic and utterly infectious energy and will be released to country radio on April 21.

The release of “Lose My Mind” follows a run of three consecutive No. 1s from his debut album, BRING YOU BACK. Eldredge will join Darius Rucker’s Southern Style Tour, beginning May 14 in Holmdel, New Jersey.

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