Keith Urban -

Keith Urban was the man of honor at a party celebrating his recent No. 1 hit, “Somewhere in My Car.” The event was held at Nashville’s Musicians Hall of Fame, which was the star’s choice of venue to draw more attention to the place as well as to pay tribute to the musicians who played on his album, Fuse.

After speaking to the media, Keith jumped on stage and sat down at the piano to perform “Somewhere in My Car” with a trio of string musicians. He and his co-writer J.T. Harding were presented with plaques and awards commemorating the song’s success. In addition to his publishing company, management company and record label, Keith’s wife, Nicole Kidman, was also in attendance to celebrate Keith and the song.

Prior to his party, Keith says a No. 1 song has to have a couple of different elements – relatability and production. “People relate to that story of that kind of painful, somewhat pathetic reminiscing, desperate, you know? That you can’t help yourself, sort of play those memories over and over even though you know it’s never coming back,” says Keith. “I think that the essence of that with the song is the first thing, and then hopefully the record-making process has sort of an ear appeal to get you to hear the lyric.”

Keith is also racing up the country chart with his latest single, “Raise ‘Em Up,” featuring pal Eric Church.