Jake Owen is currently impacting country radio with his poignant new single, “What We Ain’t Got.”  The new single serves as the third release from his hit album, DAYS OF GOLD.

A stark contrast to the previous singles, this song is slow paced and has a dark feeling about it. The song talks about trying to recapture something lost in a previous time. “I’d trade it all just to get her back, she’s moving on but I guess I’m not, we all want what we ain’t got.” Once he had her and he wants that back, but can’t return to that time. While the song speaks of losing a love, you can easily apply this to any situation that we experience. Sometimes we lose a good thing, only to realize it down the road. Owen’s powerful vocals and passion is on full display in this song.

Jake’s delivery of the song really makes it’s mark as he captures emotion and rawness throughout, and drives the message home. 

“What We Ain’t Got” is available now on iTunes HERE.

Review by Bobby C. – CMR Contributor